About 200 companies have acquired Microsoft

  • Microsoft Corporation,whose former CEO is one of the richest people in the world. Their first year’s revenue was only $ 16,000. Currently, their annual revenues are more than $ 11 billion.


  • During the establishment in 1975, there was a hyphen in between its name (micro-software). In 1981 it was excluded from Microsoft.


  • Eprothom Alo
  • After 11 years of establishment, Microsoft started working for everyone.


  • An average of three thousand patents per year and ownership of more than ten thousand products per year.


  • Before 1993, there was no Microsoft website.


  • In 1992, the first virus for Windows came in Winver 1.4.


  • Microsoft only spent 35 thousand dollars to make Windows 95’s startup music.


  • Microsoft believes that painting reduces the workload of work and the workers become more productive after seeing artwork. So there are more than five thousand paintings in 150 offices in the company.


  • Microsoft Windows XP officially comes to market in 2001. Its support from Microsoft was closed in 2014. But still run 30 percent of the personal computer user operating system as Windows XP.


  • Microsoft has more than 190 companies, including Nokia. Microsoft spent nearly $ 800 million to buy Nokia.


  • In Microsoft Windows, you can never create a folder named CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM 1 to COM 9, LPT 1 to LPT 9.


  • To write today’s date, you will get it by pressing Alt + Shift + D in Microsoft Word.


  • Microsoft Windows XP’s blues desktop file is most likely to be seen. The film raised Charles O’Reary in Sonamah County in California in 1996.


  • Bob once bought a domain2000.com domain name. In view of this, Microsoft bought the domain of Bob.com. Afterwards the domain exchange between them.


  • One time Microsoft’s popular font was Times New Roman, later it was replaced by Calibri font. The reason for this is the end of the print period, the beginning of the digital era.


  • Microsoft employees call themselves sophistes.


  • Microsoft’s software engineers pay an annual average salary of 1.66 billion dollars


  • Total employees 1, 34, 944 people


  • Annual income is more than $ 11 billion.


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