App to live life


In the year 2011, new apps have come in the market, which have been used to make everyday life easier. Not only that, a specific application or online-based service is not going to start. It can be said that we had to do regularly every day, much of it can now be done through these apps.

Shopping online

Eprothom Alo Online buying a lot of products can be said to be easier than before. People are making such purchases from Facebook based organizations or pages, being re-established online e-commerce websites. Some organizations like Daraj, Variety, Today’s Deal, Bagdum, Picobu, Priyopop are proceeding with the confidence of buyers. You can order any website’s website by registering on the website or app. Then the sales representatives send the product to make sure that the customer has the opportunity to pay the price of the product, either online or at the time of purchase of the product, in both ways.

Bengali keyboard

Although the default keyboard is provided for mobile phones in Bangla, users have downloaded the app separately. Readic keyboard is the most popular Bengali writing app. Avro, there are advantages of writing through the keyboard in the morning. As well as the victory of the Bengali keyboard app this year has been popular.

Online tv and streaming sites

Overall, the number of users currently online is increasing. Naturally, they want to finish the work as much as possible online. Seeing television or watching movies, as many people are enjoying the same thing through mobile or computer and many more people Such services are provided from bioscopes, iFlinks etc. Connected with free and premium services, users will be able to see local TV channels, movies and TV serials from their mobile phones or computers.



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