Apple’s price is below one trillion dollars!

    Apple's company temporarily dropped below $ 1 trillion in value. Photo: Reuters

    The Apple company’s financial costs have dropped below $ 1 trillion. On Thursday, the market capitalization of this giant was reduced to 7 percent in the capital market. And it temporarily reduced the company’s value to below $ 1 trillion. This information was given in a BBC Online report.

    Apple has taken new strategies to increase revenue this year. The price of the phone increases. Apple has seen good profits in the last three months, despite not being too much selling. In the third quarter of the year, Apple’s revenue grew 20 percent or 62.9 billion dollars in the same period last year. The profit is 14.1 billion dollars.

    However, in the next months, investors have become somewhat careful about possible weak sales. And there is a bit lower share of shares. Of these, Apple has announced that they will not give any information to investors about how many units are being sold. And in this case, there is some panic among investors in the capital market. Investors are leaving the shares at a lower price. In the beginning of the trading day, the share price decreased to 7 percent.

    The executives of the company argue with their decision that this information is not the right indicator for the company’s good and bad judgment.

    Analysts warned that investors can not disclose this information as a company’s weakness.

    In 2017, smartphones sales of all companies globally decreased slightly. But the decision to increase the price of Apple’s phone helps in increasing the revenue even in these low demand. July-August-September, Apple sold 4 million 69 million iPhones in the three months; Which is slightly more than the same period last year. Last year (July-August-September) this year, 4.67 million iPhones were sold. In addition, the California-based company has a huge income from the ‘service’ sector. The Apple App provides Apple App, Apple Music, Apple Pay service. In the third quarter, Apple’s earnings from this sector amounted to $ 1 billion.

    Last September, Apple’s financial value stood at $ 1 trillion (1 billion crores). The first public company’s financial value reached $ 1 trillion.



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