Can Samsung spend the crisis?


Samsung is still number one in the world as the smartphone market occupies But the rivals have started to breathe on the neck. DJ Press, the head of the mobile division of the company, is under pressure from Samsung. He said it was a ‘crisis’. The company is working on ways to overcome the crisis. Samsung’s solution seems to be the solution of ‘Galaxy S10’.


In February 2015, the South Korean company will announce the new smartphone market in the Galaxy series. Samsung mobile division head DJ Cooh says in an internal message to colleagues, it is a great opportunity to deal with the S10 and folded smartphone.


According to Korea Herald, DJ Coo recently sent messages to Samsung’s executive and staff. In his message, he wrote, “I am sorry for the current critical time of the Samsung smartphone business.” I will try my best to overcome this crisis. Galaxy 10 and folded phone will be released in the market. ‘


According to a report in Gizmoe China, Samsung has been facing intense competition for Chinese smartphone maker Huawei’s rapid rise. Samsung’s operating profit declined in the second quarter of the year in the second quarter of the year. However, when the new iPhone comes to the market every year, Samsung’s profit is seen to decrease. Samsung still holds the top position in the smartphone market.


In the third quarter of this year, 35.52 million units of smartphones were sold, according to IDC, market research firm. It has been found that, smartphone sales declined by about 6 percent last year. South Korean firm Samsung holds the top position in the smartphone market in the last quarter. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy A series phones are the most sold phones in the last quarter. According to IDC, Samsung’s smartphone market declined by 13.4 percent, despite holding the top position in the last quarter. In the last quarter, Samsung has sold 7 million 22 million units in the market. Although the Galaxy Note 9 flagship phone comes to market, the Galaxy series is replacing Samsung’s vacuum.


Samsung’s current state of hope may come in the light of its folded smartphone and the Galaxy S10. South Korean company Samsung could bring the smartphone foldable in March next year. At the same time, Samsung’s 5G-supported Galaxy S10 can bring a smartphone in the market, experts say. Head of Samsung’s mobile division has indicated this.


South Korean media company Yonhap said in a report that in February, Samsung could release their S-10 flagship phone in the market. Then, in the market in March, the Galaxy F-named foldable smartphone. At that time a version of the 5G network-supported S10 may come in the market.


Samsung has not yet told the price of the smartphones to fold. However, the company’s close sources say that the price of the new smartphone can be $ 1,770.


Recently Samsung Electronics’s president and mobile division head Koh Dong-jin said Samsung will bring a folded phone in early 2013,initially, 10 million units of the phone could be in the market.


Yonhap said in his report that Samsung could show a foldable smartphone in the mobile world congressional program in February. The phone can support the 5G network.


On November 7th, the Samsung Developers Conference (SDC2018) in California, USA, displays a new smartphone featuring Infiniti Flex. There was a buzz about the technology around the smartphone for many days.


Samsung said Infinity Flex display would be used on their first generation of foldable or foldable smartphones. The folded smartphone can be used as a tablet. Can be folded and kept in a pocket. Its size will be 7.4 inches. But after folding it can be used as a 4-in-6-inch smartphone. The device Samsung has shown is not the final.


Justin Dennis, senior vice president of Samsung’s Mobile Product Marketing division, said, “I’m going to show a nice device that can be folded. It has a cover display that can be used as a phone, and will also work as a 7-inch 4-inch tablet display.


Although competition increased, the current situation is not something to break for Samsung. However, the acting head of the company, LiJ-Wong, criticized the current situation of Samsung’s mobile division. The folded phone is seen as a big opportunity to turn around.


If the folded smartphone can be brought in the market beforehand, then this phone will continue to capture the market of such phones. This will increase their income.


Samsung is believed to be going through a lot of changes in the newyear. Especially in the management phase of the organization can be changed. In that case DJ Cow might have to step aside. Since 2015, he has been the President of the mobile division. Samsung Note 7, when Samsung was getting better with the issue of smartphone security, since then. Now if Li cannot be very happy with his work and can.not see the improvement of Samsung, then it can be assumed that the time of Kohl is running out.



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