Coming Chrome’s rival

Microsoft brings new browsers


There is no one in the browser world around Chrome. Microsoft’s Edge Edge browser failed as Chrome’s rival. So, creating a new browser with the exception of Edge, Microsoft Microsoft will introduce new browser to prevent Google’s Chrome browser.


According to a report in the technical website of Windows Central, Microsoft plans to exclude Edge Browser or EHTML browser engine. Microsoft aims to create a new browser based on open-source chrome-based Google Chrome browser. The project started using ‘Anaheim’ codenamed.


The new browser will be released soon for Windows 10 Inside Preview members.


Another report says that Microsoft has built an operating system called Windows Lite to retrieve Chrome, which can be used in affordable price laptops and tabs. Windows Light will be a different version of the Windows 10S version.


The Windows Central report says Microsoft will launch a new browser as the default browser for Windows 10. Microsoft Edge may be excluded. But what will be its name, Microsoft officially did not say anything about that



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