In the debate by posting an open picture in Deepipala

Bollywood stars celebrate the day with various plans in Deepawali. Their plans include the place of celebration and the place of celebration. But actress Dehshar was planning to be the only viral and critically acclaimed Bollywood star. Words might surprise, but the truth! Kellyvin Klein’s Indian model uploaded an image of the actress Deepawali to Instagram. In that film he was wearing a thin Lehnga with Kelvin Klein Bray. Inevitably in the face of criticism Disha. To post a picture of Deepawali after Bra, ‘Who celebrates Deepawali after wearing this dress?’ National Comment begins its picture!
On the other hand, this picture is viral and is very happy. But he is very careful in one issue. This actress is removing bad comments in a moment. It is possible to say that Diasar Diwali is installed in the Instagram! Until writing this report, Disha has removed nearly 9,000 bad comments in her film and the post remained in her timeline and more likes are being collected. But critics do not stop. Many commented in the comment, ‘What kind of dirt! Do not wear these clothes at least in Deepabali. ‘Many people have written again,’ Do not advertise your bra at least in Deepipali. ‘
Disha Patani is not the face of this first troll, after sharing photos of a photo shot last year, this actress has to face severe condemnation of social media. ‘Do not publish so much’ is called him. Even at the beginning of this year, he got a troll to post a picture in Bikini. It is alleged that the ‘Indian culture’ was being wasted against him. He has heard the national comment ‘No money to buy clothes’.


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Disha Patani has played in three films in Bollywood. He was last seen in the blockbuster cinema Baghi 2 movie. Now he is busy in the film of Salman Khan in the Indian film. This movie will be released on Eid next year.



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