Neymar learns from Messi-Ronaldo regularly


Neymar, along with Messi and Ronaldo in the fight for being the best player in the world, is always the name of the third person who comes in the discussion table. Although competing at the field of play, Neymar is always learning something from these two greats, he said.

Seeing the football world for more than 10 years, Messi-Ronaldo did not have the time to say that Messi-Ronaldo had the ‘lasting’ of Dioratha, who won the award for the year’s Player of the Year award. In these few years Neymar’s name has been heard, as well as Messi-Ronaldo, as well as the third best player. 26-year-old Neymar will take the bettor of Messi and Ronaldo one day, thinks that many people think. When Neymar said that, despite being a rival, he learned regularly from Messi-Ronaldo, had to sit down and run!

In an interview with the Players Tribune, Neymar said to Lionel Messi, “I played Messi with Messi, saw him doing amazing things in front of me. Not saying that Messi is my model in football. Every time I learned something from Messi, whether playing with him or playing with him or watching his game together. Messi’s education has helped me to be a better player in the field. “

“Ronaldo is actually a wizard,” Ronaldo said. Playing against him is always a matter of great honor and happiness. So much preparation is required to play against him, and this preparation helps him to be a good player. “

Messi-Ronaldo’s Neymar criteria to take himself to the other side, ‘These two players are from whom I always learn, because like them I want to improve all the time, want to do better, make more goals, Can. ‘



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