Sushmita opened her mouth on marriage

Bollywood actress Sushmita. Photo: Daily Sun

It was heard that Sushmita Sen is going to marry Rohmain Shaw, a 15-year-old boy. The speculation was going on in Bollywood-imagination. However, this time he has opened his mouth on the subject of Sushmita.

Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen said in Instagram, now 27-year-old model Rohamman is in love with Shawl. But she has no plans for marriage.

That is, the marriage that started with speculation about his wedding with Rohaman Shall, poured water all over. He wrote, when the whole world thinks that I’m getting married, I’m going to be committed, then I say, I’m busy with my body exercises. So the rumors that made the rumor are all false. But yes, if someone says I’m romancing, it’s OK right now.

It is heard that Rohmah is in a fashion with Sushmita. From there their friendship. Then Rohiman is seen to be traveling around Sushmita’s house. Even the artist Sethi Dipabli started from the party and in various places Sushmita came with Rohmans. From then on rumor that he was married to Rohman.

Regarding returning to acting, Sushmita said, she is ready to give her 6 months of her life for any movie. But he is not even starting shooting.

In fact, Sushmita was last seen in the 2010 Hindi film ‘No Problem’.


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