The danger of the allegation against the husband


Hollywood star Amber Harde had to face trouble with his husband’s torture. He recently wrote in an alternative editorial in the US. He wrote about how to overcome the obstacles after allegation against former husband, Johnny Depp, he wrote.


Amber Hard said, ‘Friends and well-wishers said that I was blacklisted. As a performer, I will no longer be able to work. After joining a photo, I was taken off from other artists. For two years, we ran an international fashion brand campaign. That company also excluded me. After all, I have worked in the role of “Justice League” and “Aquaman”.

Amber Hard’s former husband, Johnny Depp, completely denied the allegations. He said, ‘someone harming the house? Is it possible for humans like me? ‘


Amber Hard complained to the court over the issue of homicide. Since then, he has had to face many obstacles in the face. He said that he had been threatening to kill him regularly since he had complained against Johnny. He wrote, “I was threatened to kill him. That’s why I had to change the phone number every week. I had to spend outside of the house for more than a month. During this time the drone was behind me. A photographer pursued a walk, a motorbike or a car.

He said, ‘A tabloid freely expressed my picture. It seemed that my life and livelihood were in the hands of man, I have no control over myself.


But what is the reason for writing them in the article? Ambar said, women who express their repression will have to support them. They have to come forward with help.


In 2015, Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Hard was married. Their conflict began just next year of marriage. Amber hardly wants to end the family in 15 months of torture case. They got divorced in 2017. The Economic Times



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