Viral Hall gets Zero trailer (video) released


Shahrukh Khan starrer Zero photo trailer released on birthdays And it gets viral to be released on the Internet. The starring Shahrukh’s superb role in ‘Baman’ has emerged from the trailer. And on the other hand, the performance of Anupka and Katrina trailers meant little.

The film has been directed by Anand L. Rai. Producer Shahrukh spouse Gauri Khan. To be released on December 21, Shahrukh’s ‘Zero’ has been released!

Shahrukh and Katrina’s first poster are romantic, but in the second poster, King Khun-Anu Shah Rukh Khan himself tweeted the photo poster. Seeing the posters a bit was spotted on the photo’s brother Boss. The trailer came in front of it was viral.



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