Will Smith in praise of ‘Gayi Boy’ Ranbir

Ranbir Singh and Yule Smith

Like Ranbir Singh starring Gali Boy, the film is being praised as it is doing business in the box office. But its success has not stopped in Bollywood only. Gali Boy has crossed the boundaries of India and has reached Hollywood. Recently, Hollywood actor Will Smith praised Geely Boy and Ranbir Singh.


Unhappy or hidden behind, Will Smith praised the role of Ranbir Singh’s post by posting videos in public. In his Instagram page, Will Smith posted a video as ‘Story’. He said, ‘Congratulations Ranbir!’ It’s great to see what you look like. Old school hip hop for me is a matter. All the hippogs around the world are my favorites. go ahead.’


When the will came earlier, when the will came to India, Ranbir was introduced to him. They spend long time together with each other. It is understood that even after returning to the world, Swanni Smith did not have any grief, and praised Ranbir



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