Youtube Promise


Google’s video service has increased video viewing rates on YouTube. So Google is taking new initiatives to please YouTube users. YouTube authorities have promised, they will not be able to bring any sensitive topic videos or suggest suggestions to viewers.


The YouTube authorities say that many people try to pull the audience by posting sensitive videos on their site. But they promise to not make such a video in front of the audience. It will close the recommendation to see video posts on suspicious videos or suspected areas surrounding the issues that are scientifically proven. YouTube has said that the ‘conspiracy theories’ videos, like suspected video of government affiliation to attack the World Trade Center in the United States, will not be promoted.


There is a lot of pressure on showing fake videos, but Google’s proprietary company There is a growing pressure on YouTube as well as Facebook and Twitter to prevent spreading false news. Earlier, various steps were taken by Facebook and Twitter to prevent false news. This time the announcement came from YouTube.

The YouTube authorities said in a statement on Friday that they will not take any more confusing videos.


Of course, the company did not talk about removing or completely removing such video from their platform. Just told to stop recommending these videos.



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